In June 2017, the aging MSDN subscriber portal was "taken offline", with the new Visual Studio Subcription portal only being accessible to subscribers. The old portal was finally completely retired in October 2017, leaving many to wonder where to get information to verify digitally-delivered Microsoft products without a subscription. This project aims to preserve the once publicly available MSDN hashes for reference purposes and make them easy to look up.

This site uses externally scraped data, which is updated on an ad-hoc basis. There will be a delay between when new files are released by Microsoft before they show up here.
Additionally, there are certain fields that are not easily filterable with the provided data, e.g. architecture (x86/x64).


Where can I download files?

This site will not be offering any files for download. It is simply a reference to ensure that files in your possession were the same versions distributed digitally by Microsoft.

Why don't you have product XYZ?

There may be a couple of reasons for this:

Additionally, there cannot be full parity with the Visual Studio Subscriptions portal since the product data sources and schemas are different.

Why do some beta products disappear?

Beta products are removed after the corresponding release version is available. Unfortunately there may not be a chance to go back and salvage information about these products.